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About A.U.S

American University of Sciences

Accredited University


A.U.S is an E-Learning University registered in Oregon State, U.S.A as a ‘Quasi Charity’, Non-Profit Independent Facilitator of Quality Professional Knowledge Degree Qualifications and with the endorsement of US Department of Education, Washington DC 20202. It  is dedicated to  Quality Work Experienced Professional Standards that is the Ethos of the A.U.S’s Board of Trustees.


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About UO

State University

University of Oregon


The University of Oregon, founded in 1876, is the state’s flagship institution. Located in Eugene, an energetic college town, the university offers academic excellence and hands-on learning opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere. Towering trees shade the 295-acre campus, where students, faculty members, and employees from a wide variety of backgrounds share a commitment to preserving the environment and pursuing innovation in more than 260 academic programs that range from Eugene to Portland and from the coast to the mountains.

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UO International Experiences
A world of opportunity
UO International Experiences
Every year, nearly two-thousand students from more than eighty countries study at the University of Oregon. Meanwhile, one in four graduates studies abroad while a UO student. The UO offers a host of degree programs with a global emphasis, including languages, international studies, area studies, literature, and many more.